The INTJ Personality : My Constant Struggle (Being Introverted)

I had no idea how introverted I really was until i started university (of all the traits of those with the INTJ personality, being introverted dominates my character. I reaalllllyyyy don’t like being around people.

Due to circumstances, I board on campus and I have a room-mate *cries* . I’ve never had to share a room with anyone before, and believe me, it’s a trial for me. The constant struggle of never having my own personal space, not being able to engage in simple pleasure I’m able to enjoy at home , really takes a toll on me. I can’t even sleep naked (lol).

Usually, I’m able to spend days at a time basking in the exquisite silence of my bedroom, with family members not even bothering to check up on me. For this I’m grateful, im quite happy they’ve accepted my personality and leave me to my own defenses. They know they’ll see me in the rare moments that I actually do leave my room for food,( scampering back like a frightened animal, without bothering to make small talk) and they’re okay with this :).

Now I’m forced to share a living space and it is torture in the highest form. It’s just for a semester (which is gloriously coming to an end) but believe me, it has been …an interesting experience. It makes me wonder how I’ll fare in the future when (or if)i get married. How will it feel to share a living space permanently with another human being. Well…. I’ll be looking forward to the sex, and I’m hoping positive that beats all the other hardships of sharing my personal space with whoever that may be, male or female (I’m open-minded).


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