My Sweet Redemption -Chapter 1-This Man was a Greek God Personified!

“Shit….” Liah murmured under her breath as she heard the email notification go off on her laptop. “It’s three in the fucking morning!” she complained as she rolled out of bed to check it. She had just got home from the club and had work in four hours. She opened the email. The colour drained from her face as she read it. It was a ghost from her past. Why the fuck is Nick emailing me??? She thought as she read the email. They hadn’t exactly broken up on good terms. She chuckled as the memories came flooding back. She had been cheating on him with his best friend for a year before her had found out. He had walked in on them having hot passionate sex one day. The look on his face was priceless. Well, he kicked her out after that (duh). Yet he has been emailing her for the last six months, mostly threatening her. But this email was different. He wanted her to come back home. “Fuck No” she thought, slammed the laptop down and went to bed. The alarm went off at 6. The blaring siren startled Liah out of her sleep. She sat up, groggy from lack of sleep. She hurriedly got ready for work, grabbing a bagel and a cup of coffee in the deli downstairs her apartment building. She hailed a cab, went to the train station and took a train to work. She rushed in, sat at her desk, and got on that work grind. At 5 pm she packed her stuff up and headed home. “It’s Friday, Motherfuckers!” she thought, as she got back to her apartment building. She got into the elevator and rode up to her floor. Then she saw him for the first time. As she got out of the elevator, she was face to face with the sexiest man she had ever seen walk the earth. First of all he was shirtless. His biceps bulged, his abs were unbelievably defined, and his face was a chiselled work of art crafted specially by God himself. His eyes were had a deep burning brown colour, his smile showed perfect, even, white teeth. He was had a sexy chocolate complexion that glistened with a trace of sweat. “Good Lord…” Liah murmured. “Hey”, the sexy masterpiece of perfection said seductively. “Im Carter…… do you know where I can find the laundry room? I just moved in……” he trailed off.  Liah struggled to compose herself, But this man was a Greek God personified! “Ummmm…..” Liah responded. She pointed to a wall chart showing the layout of the apartment building. “Thanks.” Carter said, flashing a smile that should have come with a warning label. He had the whitest teeth known to man. Not even angels wings…. Liah snapped herself back into reality. One, two, threeeeeee……. She thought in her head as she struggled to gain her composure. She smirked. “Yeah, anytime”, she said nonchalantly, looked at her finger nails and walked off. As she walked down the corridor, she glanced behind her. Carter was still staring at the sign she pointed out to him, giving him a glorious view of his well sculpted back and firm legs. This one came straight from Olympus, she thought. Only a god could possibly be that fine!


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