My Sweet Redemption (Intro)

“I am a hard person to love, but when I love… I love really hard”

Liah: I never knew I could feel this way… I don’t even know the words to describe it. A few years ago, if someone uttered the word ‘love’ and my name in the same sentence I’d probably die laughing. But then…He came along… I don’t even know who I am anymore. Love shouldn’t be a part of my vocabulary!
Carter: What have I gotten myself into?? SHE’S NOT EVEN MY TYPE!!!! I love docile females; I’m a sucker for a Stepford Wife. But she’s so different… Pig headed as ever and so hard to control. But I’m drawn to her. Like moths to a flame. Her fiery passion has ignited something in me that I thought was dead and buried


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